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Beginning Band - January 13, 2023

7th and 8th Grade Band Classes

This month, students will begin looking at and choosing classes and electives for the 2023-2024 school year. We are sending you information about how Band works next year so you and your student are well informed before selecting next year's classes.

Students who continue with Band next year will be in one of two classes: Concert Band or Symphonic Band. There are 7th and 8th graders in both classes. Unlike the Beginning Band classes, which are instrument-specific, the Concert and Symphonic Band classes have all 11 band instruments rehearsing in class every day.

What are the differences between the two classes?

-Concert Band: Primarily taught by Mr. Jenson. Most of the students in this class are 7th graders. The music played is 1-2 levels higher than the music we play in Beginning Band.

-Symphonic Band: Primarily taught by Mrs. Black. Most of the students in this class are 8th graders. The music played is 3-4 levels higher than the music we play in Beginning Band.

What determines which class students will be in? In April, all students in the Pearson Band will play an audition. This audition, combined with each student's "resume" of behavior, effort, and ability throughout the year will determine which class is the best fit for our students in 2023-2024. All you need to do is sign up for Band! It is the job of the band directors to make sure that students are placed in the class where they will be the most successful.

My student is going to be in (insert class or activity). Can they still do band? YES! We have students in band that are also involved in every sport, club, class, and activity on campus. Football, volleyball, basketball, cross country, track, tennis, cheer, orchestra, choir, theater, NJHS, Student Council, every class, every club, etc., ect. - these ALL work with Band.

We sincerely hope that your student signs up for Band next year!! They have worked so hard to learn their instrument this year - next year is where the real fun begins with more performances, more social events, and more fun!


Instrument Petting Zoo

On Saturday January 21st, the Pearson Band and Orchestra programs will host our annual Instrument Petting Zoo for rising 6th graders. If you know any 5th graders (or parents of 5th graders), please encourage them to attend the event so they can try instruments and see what the music programs at Pearson have to offer! This is one of our most important events of our year, so the more kids we can have attend, the better!

We will need parent assistance to run this event- please be on the lookout at the beginning of next week for an email detailing how you can help.


Required (Graded) Beginning Band Events for the Pearson Beginning Band

Click on the PDF below to view the required Beginning Band events for 2022-2023. (Note, this list does not include optional social events that will occur throughout the year.)

Required (Graded) Beginning Band Events 2022-2023
Download PDF • 36KB

Upcoming events

Friday January 13 - Main Event Band Party

Saturday January 21 - Instrument Petting Zoo

Wednesday February 8-Saturday February 11 - Mrs. Black and Mr. Jenson attending the annual Texas Music Educators Conference

Wednesday February 15 - Band Spirit Night fundraiser at Chick-fil-a

Friday March 3 - Percussion Concert dress Rehearsal (required for percussion students)

Saturday March 4 - Percussion Concert (required for percussion students)

Conflict with an event? Email Mrs. Black at


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