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8th Graders - May 19, 2023

Updated: May 19, 2023

Congratulations, 8th graders! The band directors at Pearson are so proud of you for completing middle school and for staying in band all three years. Your band experience has been an uncommon one, to say the least, but you persevered and continued playing your instrument and loving music. We wish you the best in high school and beyond and know that you all will go on to do great things! If you see us at a high school event or out and about in Frisco, please say hello and let us know how you are doing!

Parents, we cannot express to you the amount of gratitude we have for encouraging your student to stick with band, through the good times and through the really, really hard times. All we can say is thank you! We have loved having the opportunity to teach your kids and to see them grow as musicians and people. High school may seem challenging and scary, but our band students have the skills they need to flourish.

One last thank you to our outgoing board members, to the parents who volunteered at events, for those of you who made a financial investment by renting an instrument and purchasing supplies, for telling your kid to practice even though they didn't want to, and for listening to them practice at home, messing up time and time again until they were able to play the music correctly. Band truly is a family, and everyone plays a vital role!

All, have a wonderful, restful summer! 8th graders, we will miss you dearly and cannot wait to see your future accomplishments. Best of luck!

Sincerely, the Pearson Band Staff


Upcoming events

Friday May 19 (5-7pm) - End of the Year Band Party at Hawaiian Waters (formerly Hawaiian Falls) - see emails from Mrs. Davis (band director at Pioneer Heritage MS) for information

See emails from the Frisco HS and Reedy HS band directors for Summer Band dates and times.


Step-Up Instruments

If you are interested in purchasing a step-up instrument for your student who plays flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, or trombone, Brook Mays is having a summer sale on June 9 and 10.


Summer Band Camps

We strongly encourage your student to attend a band camp this summer! It is a great opportunity for your student to improve on their instrument and make new friends. There are many options in the DFW metroplex and around the state. CLICK HERE to view a list of band camps available for summer 2023.

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