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Concert and Symphonic Band - October 5, 2023

Upcoming events

October 10 (9:30-10:30am) - Reedy Band Preview Day (required for 8th graders zoned to Reedy HS). Information below.

October 13 - Middle School Night with the Reedy Band (required for students zoned for Reedy HS). Information below.

October 20 - Middle School Night with the Frisco HS Band (required for students zoned for Frisco HS). Information below.

October 24 - Fall Concert (required)

October 25 - Spirit Night at Chick-fil-a


Reedy Preview Day - Tuesday October 10

8th grade students who will be attending Reedy High School next year will attend the first ever "Reedy Preview Day" on Tuesday, October 10th! During this event, our students will have the opportunity to go to Reedy HS and meet with the current members of the band to get a small taste of what they will experience on Friday at the Middle School Band Night and beyond!

Next Tuesday, all Reedy-bound 8th grade students will need to go to the band hall for 2nd period. We have a bus set to take 8th grade students from Pearson to Reedy HS at 9:15 AM and will return at 10:45 AM. However, if the weather is nice, we might just walk over since we are so close. We will not be taking instruments and students do not need to wear any specific uniform. This event has been approved by our school admin, and teachers are aware that these students will be missing at this time. All students are responsible for making up any missed work.

This is going to be a great experience for all involved, and we are so excited for our students to get to interact with our former Patriots in the Reedy Band!


Middle School Night with the Reedy Band

7th and 8th Grade band members from Pearson Middle School and Pioneer Heritage Middle School are invited to perform at the Reedy HS football game on Friday, October 13th at Kuykendall stadium! The combined bands will perform in the stands with the Reedy High School Band and then stay in the stands for a good view of the Reedy H.S. Marching Band at halftime. Just think, in just a year or two, all of you will be out there with them!

Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend but will need to purchase a ticket to the game at the gate or online here

In addition to the game night, we are inviting all 8th graders to meet with us that week for a little orientation to the Reedy band during the school day on October 10th from 9:30-10:30am. We will have a bus for Pioneer and Pearson band students may walk if the weather is good. You already have permission to miss a little school that day for the visit!! It will be a blast!

Friday, October 13th - Kuykendall Stadium

4:15pm Arrive at Reedy HS Students are responsible for providing their own

transportation - we highly encourage carpooling! :)

Bring - Instrument (in the case), lyre/wire music stand/flip folder (depending on your instrument), and water bottle or large water jug.

Wear - School Band Shirt and tennis shoes.

4:30pm Dinner provided in the Reedy HS Cafeteria. Students will eat with the Reedy

Band in sections.

5:45pm Load the busses and depart for Kuykendall Stadium

6:00pm Arrive at Kuykendall Stadium

Everyone will move to the stands as a group with your instrument and wait to be seated.

7:00pm Kickoff

We will play Crunch Time and The Hey Song in the stands with the combined bands!


Middle school students will watch the HS halftime show from the stands and then exit the stadium with their directors for pick up.

Students picked up at the Stadium

The exact time will be determined by the football game. It will most likely be between 8:45 and 9:00pm. We will instruct students to call/text their parents when we leave the stands.

The Reedy Band is SUPER excited to have you as their guest and ask that you follow the same guidelines for the Reedy Band members during the game.

In the stands- No cell phones, no food, no drinks, no candy, and no visitors.

Stay involved in the game! Stand up and cheer for Reedy!

Everyone stays until it is time to go.

We will see you all very soon, future Reedy Band members!

Best regards,

Paul Heuer

Director of Bands

Reedy HS


Middle School Night with the Frisco High School Band

Friday, October 20th

Frisco HS @ The Star

CLICK HERE to view the full itinerary!


Jazz Band

Starting Monday, September 25th, Jazz Band will be rehearsing after school on Mondays from 3:55-4:55 PM and on Fridays during Patriot Training.


Fall Sectionals

Students in Symphonic Band and Concert Band will attend a weekly sectional. Click here to view the schedule.


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