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Beginning Band - September 29, 2023

Upcoming events

October 17 - Beginning Band Show and Tell Concert

October 25 - Spirit Night Fundraiser at Chick-fil-a


Beginning Band Show and Tell Concert

Date: Tuesday October 17, 2022

Location: Pearson Middle School Cafeteria

Time: 6:30-7:00pm


  • 5:45pm - Students arrive. Please enter the school through the exterior band hall doors on the south side of the school. Uncase instruments and gather all necessary supplies and band binders.

  • 6:00pm - All students are seated in the cafeteria for a dress rehearsal. Cafeteria doors will be locked during the rehearsal.

  • 6:25pm - Cafeteria Doors open. Parents can enter and find their seats.

  • 6:30pm - Concert Begins

  • approximately 7:00pm - Concert Ends

Attire: Students will wear their band t-shirt, pants, and tennis shoes or sneakers.

Students will need their instrument (and necessary supplies) and band binder for this performance.

This is a required (graded) performance. All students must be in attendance.



The Reedy Percussion Ensemble has been selected to perform at the 2023 Midwest Clinic, an international Band and Orchestra Conference. They are currently raising funds for students to travel to the performance in Chicago this December.

To assist them in their fundraising efforts through Hundred X, with no financial contribution, complete the following:


TEXT “DFG” to 90412

o You will get a link via text to the main webpage:

  1. ANSWER a quick set of questions.

  2. Make sure that when it asks you which organization you are supporting… CHOOSE Reedy High School Band Booster Club from the dropdown menu

  3. CLICK SUBMIT & You will immediately receive a link via text or email on your phone to provide feedback.

  4. CLICK on the link in your text and begin providing feedback.

Each survey takes about 1 minute. It’s all emoji based and very easy. You simply give feedback on brands that you use. Each participant: - must be 18 years of age to participate - so most kids will need to get at least one parent to participate - each email address can fill out a max of 75 surveys - can fill out a max of 25 surveys/day - must give meaningful feedback (don’t just hit the same thing over and over) If each student can get one parent to do the max surveys, we will max out our earnings!! How many people can I send this code to? • As many people as you want. They do not have to be part of the band to support the band. How can I tell how many feedback surveys I have completed? • Each time you finish the feedback/survey you will see the total amount on the top of the feedback page (when you are about to do another). EX: My feedback count: 2 (75 max). Is the information I provide going to be sold to other companies? Will I be on a mailing list? • Your contact information WILL NOT be sent to any of the companies you are going to be providing feedback. HundredX (This company) is not going to sell your personal information. They are only using the feedback in aggregate to provide consolidated feedback to the businesses asking for feedback.


Daily Practice

All Beginning Band students should be taking their instrument home and practicing daily. During their practice time, students should play and reinforce concepts being taught in class and work on any material they are struggling to play. A daily practice habit is essential to becoming a great musician! Please help your student to build this habit by encouraging (and sometimes telling) them to practice every day.

Parents, the following is a fantastic guide for what and how your student should be practicing:


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