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Beginning Band - December 9, 2022


Pearson MS Band - Beginner Band Winter Concert

Monday December 12 - Concert Rehearsal in the Pearson Band Hall

  • 3:45pm End of 8th period. All Beginner Band students go to the band hall, find their seats, and set up their instrument.

  • 4:00pm Rehearsal Begins. This rehearsal is required and graded.

  • 5:00pm Rehearsal Ends. All students must be picked up at 5:00pm.

Tuesday December 13 - Winter Concert in the Pearson Middle School Gym

  • 6:15pm Percussion Students arrive and begin moving equipment to the gym.

  • 6:25pm Woodwind and Brass Students arrive to begin warm-up in the Band Hall. Parents may go to the gym and wait for the concert to begin.

  • 7:00pm Concert Begins: Jazz Band Performance, Beginning Band Performance

  • 7:30pm Approximate ending time. All band students will help bring instruments and equipment to the band hall before being dismissed.

Bring: Instrument (and all the supplies needed to play it) and band binder.

Wear: Band t-shirt and pants. Students may wear festive headwear (santa hats, reindeer antlers, etc).

This performance is part of the Beginner Band curriculum, therefore attendance and participation is required and graded. If any conflicts arise, please contact Mrs. Black or Mr. Jenson ASAP.


Required (Graded) Beginning Band Events for the Pearson Beginning Band

Click on the PDF below to view the required Beginning Band events for 2022-2023. (Note, this list does not include optional social events that will occur throughout the year.)

Required (Graded) Beginning Band Events 2022-2023
Download PDF • 36KB

Upcoming events

Monday December 12 - Beginning Band Winter Concert Rehearsal (3:45-5:00pm) (required)

Tuesday December 13 - Beginning Band Winter Concert (required)

Conflict with an event? Email Mrs. Black at


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